Recruitment Services

Our complete package of selection and placement of permanent personnel includes :

  1. Search and pre-screening based on extensive expertise of the current market situation and the most efficient evaluation of the vacancy profile
  2. Conducting Personal Interviews and Assessment including a series of evaluation & competency-based interviews as well as professional and personal skills verification
  3. Collecting References from ex-employers and colleagues
  4. Assisting with Employment Procedure by active participation in the internal selection procedures, providing extensive consultations to candidates and the employer
  5. Complete logistics support regardless of geographic location by arranging face-to face interviews between the Client and the Candidate

General Terms & Conditions



Recruitment Fee

%%of the annual gross income for the first year of employment of the hired candidate.

Guarantee period

Should the hired candidate be terminated of his/her employment for any reason (other than when the Employer does not observe the terms and conditions of the employment contract, or makes the position redundant) within three (3) months from the beginning of his/her employment, the one-time replacement for this position is provided free of charge.

Time of the request closing

Provision of the first CV of the candidate within 3 working days (depending on the difficulty level of the vacancy).

Number of the provided CVs

Not less than 3 for a vacant position. In fact – the number of provided candidates according to needs of the Customer.

Features of the provided CVs

Provision of actual CVs of candidates which include biographic and detailed professional (qualification) characteristics of the candidate: extended functionality and duties performed by the candidate, achievements, reasons for search of a new job and expected level of the salary.


Collecting and provision of references on the candidates upon the request of the Customer (contact information of the referencer is provided).

Regional candidates

Reservation and payment for air- and railway tickets, hotel accommodation, transfers and meals for the candidates arriving from remote regions for the personal interview with the Customer  (on request, expenses are reimbursed by the Customer at cost, copies of supporting documents are provided).


Provision of analytic activity reports on recruitment progress upon the request of the Customer, indicating the number and level of the considered candidates, number of interviews and candidates who declined to consider a vacant position specifying the reasons for the refusal.

Documentation provision

Timely provision of originals of the invoice, Act of acceptance, VAT-invoice.

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