Expatriate Staff

Legal employment of the expatriate staff in Russia is a complex time and resource consuming process.

In order to perform legally in Russia the expatriate employer should be employed in full compliance with the RF labour, migration and tax legislation. The legislative provisions are closely linked and depend on each other.

The individual is obliged to:

  • Be provided with the Employment Contract with the RF legal entity
  • Be provided with the Work Permit, Work Visa and further migration support throughout his employment period in the RF
  • Receive the salary from the employing company
  • Be provided with medical insurance
  • Pay payroll taxes to the RF budget (@ 13%) – to be executed by the employing company
  • Inform all relevant tax, migration, etc. official authorities about the details of the assignment.

Therefore, it is impossible to separate labor, migration and payroll/tax responsibility and split it between different companies.

MPH-CIFAL RUS manages to find the optimal balance between constantly changing RF migration legislation and needs of our Clients.

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